Friday, December 6, 2013

Kabir dohawali

The name of saint Kabir is taken with great honour and reverence in India .His creations have a miraculous combination of words that draw decent meaning which is capable of changing minds of people for doing a righteous thing .Here some of the aspects of his thinking is illustrated via his dohas .He had different views for different types of persons whose importance and affects on society he used to explain .Even he has given a clear point for all types of traits of human being .

One can find here the dohas that he wrote for different aspects of life .

Importance of the teacher "Guru". 

According to kabirdas ji a teacher has mare important in life than god because it is the guru who makes one to know the importance of god .If we forget god god does not comes to remind us that you are forgetting me but it is the teachings of the guru that remind us about reality and God .

Properties of a vicious man 

He tells us about the property of a wicked man .His dohas define all the qualities of a wicked person .He says it is always better to keep distance from a vicious as he/she is always a cause of your deterioration .

Properties of a Saint

His dohas has so beautifully described the nature of a saint .He says that we are fortunate if we get the company of a saint .He says there is a great difference between the valuable " paras" stone from the saints  ...Paras converts the iron to gold while the saint converts an individual from soul to supersoul (means like the lord ).


Kabirdas ji gives his opinion about the various types of  attires by different people .He says that people's look does not express their reality . 


According to kabirdas ji those who spread their hands in front of anybody for any type of  alms ,does not do right .He says who asks for alms are dead but who says that they dont have anything to give are already dead . 


He says that it is  a good fortune for anyone to get comapy of a good man .Company can dramatically change the life of a person .If you are in contact of wrong people or right people their behaviors will sure affect your life .Therefore we should choose right people for a good life and nature . 


Kabirdas ji says that devotion to the lord is not so easy .It is a work of braves.Those who are affected by lust anger greed can never involve in this rather one gets a true devotion by loosing his clan ,caste ,family.So tough is devotion to the lord .


Kabirdas ji says that it is goodluck of any family that is versed with any devotee of lord because that single person is capable of removing all the blemishes of that family. 


He says prayer is the best and the smplest way that the guru has shown to reach the God .So keep remebering god and pray to him .


He says only that person can get true knowledge who has love in his heart.


He warns people saying that this body is fake so dont feel proud that you have got everything good in life and so you are superior to all because it does not takes more than one moment to be destroyed.

Importance of words

Kabirdas ji so beautifully expressed the importance of words .He says that words are complete product of your mindset and if these are spoken well they can give happiness to others and to ourselves too . 


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