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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Classical bhajans with lyrics

Classical bhajans have a unique soothing and relaxing effects on mind ,soul and body .It has been scientifically proved . Over and above all they are very deep in their meanings if understood impact directly at heart .


If anybody has to be crazy about classical song just try to understand what are the words and their meanings in the song .You will feel to be in another world .Though there are many songs which I myself am unable to understand yet i think that the songs which i know are quite far from people's reach .I would like to share these songs with their lyrics to others .Perhaps it will be one the best services which I can do for the God .

Know something about the history of the classical bhajans

The Bhaktikal in India - The age ruled out by Akbar was a great gift to India . He was not only responsible for the good governance in India . He had many incredible qualities in him . Though he was a muslim but even then he had a great respect for the hindus and the Hinduism in his heart . Whatever may be the reason for the grace of God on India at that time but it really was a great time for indians and India . All the people in India were blessed .All had a calm mind and a very sentimental heart in which god lived himself .The saints like Kabirdas ,Surdas , Mirabai , Tulsidas , raidas and many others took birth allover in India .They all possessed a great devotion for God.They were always satisfied .Their self-satisfaction can be expressed by a story of saint Raidas -

Once a merchant had to go out of village and he thought that he should keep his golden ornaments and precious stones to any such man who is reliable .In his view no ane was as honest in the village as the Saint Raidas . He then took all his assets to the saint and asked him whether he would help him .The saint agreed to save his assets and told him to keep the ornaments on the place of his will in the saint's house . After few days when the saint's wife was cleanning the house she did'nt see the ornaments and dumped it with the garbages .Both of the couples were not aware of the ornaments and didn't remember them even .When the merchant came back and asked for his assets the saint told him to see it on the same place where he had kept it .He got nothing on that place and started shouting and crying ,saying that the saint had cheated him .But the saint was not bewildered on the merchant's reaction .He took the merchant to the bank of a river and told that he didn't have any indulgence in these material things then why should he steal those things .Why should he steal his gold and stones when he was able to get a lot of them .Merchant asked how ? Raidas just dipped his hands in the river and when he took his both fists out the merchant was shocked to see radient big stone named 'Paras' in his hands .When the saint get ferrous things in touch with the stone whole of the object the transformed into a
golden object .

To know more about Saint Raidas click here

English meaning of the song -Lord , if you are sandelwood I am water .
With the fragrance in all parts of my body .
Lord , if you are a cloud I am the peacock
Looking for you as a chakora( a bird) looks at moon .
Lord , if you are a pearl I am the thread.
As the Borax(a chemical powder used as flux in gold smelting) mixes in the gold
Lord , if you are a lamp I am the wick
With the light burning day an night
Lord , if you are master I am the servant
Thus is the devotion of raidasa .

A very nice and popular bhajan from this great saint Raidas

 listen to prabhu ji tum chandan hum paani

These people are not alive but their thoughts and mindsets are still alive in thier creations .Just read the bhajans written by them your joy will know no bounds .These are called Indian classic
bhajans .
popular bhajans by Surdas ji---

Tum meri rakho laaj hari
 listen to tum meri rakho laaj hari

Lyrics -

Tum meri rakho laaj hari
Tum jaanat sab antaryami karni kachhu na kari
Avaguna mose bisrat nahi
Pal chhin ghari ghari
Dara sut dhan moh liye ho
Sudh budh sab bisari
Sur patit ko beg ubaaro
Ab mori naav bhari

Meaning -

 Oh hari! keep my pudency
you know everything
the work doesnt decide anything
I am not able to deliver my demerits
the time passes out each while
Wife, son and the wealth have deluded me
I have lost my reminiscence .
Surdas ji says please relieve me soon
Now my life (here expressed as boat )has fiiled
( Sense :and there is no more space for anything .)

Deenan dukh aran Dev

Listen to Deenan dukh haran dev

lyrics  -

deenan dukh haran dev santan hitkari
ajamil geedh byadh inme kah kaun saadh
panchhi ko pad padhaat ganika si taari
deenan dukh haran dev ...
dhruva ke sar chhatra det
prahalad ko ubari det
bhakta hetu bandhyo setu
lankpuri jaayi
deenan dukh haran dev .....
gaj ko jab grah grasyo
duhshashan cheer khasyo
sabha beech krishna krishna draupati pukari
deenan dukh haran dev .....
itne hari aaye gaye
basnan aaroorh bhaye
surdas dware khado aanadhro bhikhari
deenan dukh haran dev santan hitkari
deenan dukh haran dev .....

This is a very nice bhajan by surdas but only few people know what lies in it . I would like to clear its meaning to all visitors .In this bhajan surdas ji is requesting to lord saying -
Deenan dukh haran dev santan hitkari -

Find meaning of the song -

The Lord who removes the pain of the sufferers and is well doer of the saints
Azamil , the vulture , the hunter ,, say who was perfect among them ,
Who gave a higher destination to a bird and made the Ganika (a man who lives with a prostitute. -here Azamil )to move accross this bhavasagar...
Who versed Druva's head with canopy, and saved Prahalad
For the sake of devotee who constructed the bridge by going to Lanka puri .
When the alligator grabbed the Gajraj (the elephant) in his jaws ...who came to save him ..
When Duhshashan unwinded the clothes (of Draupadi) ,
Draupadi called up "Krihsna Krishna " in the Hall ..
Just then ,( you) Hari reached there and adjointed Himself in the clothes .
Surdas , a blind begger , is standing on Your doorsteps -
When You can do so much and show your grace upon these people ,
Please be kind towards me too .

Rani tero chir jiyo Gopal

listen to Rani tero chir jiyo Gopal by pandit Jasraj ji

lyrics of Rani tero chir jiyo gopal -

Rani tero chir jiyo gopal
Begi badhyo badi hoya viradh lat, mahari manohar baal
Upaji paryo yah koonkhi bhagya bal,samudra seep jaise laal
Sab gokul ke pran jeevan dhan , bairin ke ursal
Sur kito jiya sukh paavat hai, nirkhat shyam tamal
Raj aaraj lagyo meri akhiyan,roge dosh janjaal

It is a very sweet bhajan .. illustrating the moment when lord Shiva came to see Krishna lalla .He expressed all his feelings for
Bal Gopal to yasoda maiya saying these words . :)

Meaning -

Oh queen !may your Gopal live long
his smooth b'ful hairs.. they have grown up quite fast and have grown into dense braid
Lord has revealed . It has increased the power of luck as one finds a red pearl from the ocean .
he is the spirit and life wealth of the whole Gokul and he is the pain of the hearts of his enemies .
Surdas ji says how much happiness does lord Shiva is getting ,seeing tamal like Shyam(According to legend of the Bhagavata the tamal tree is closely associated with the life sport of Lord Krishna – and Krishna is shown to be of blue or dark skin color) 
He says the dust by his contact has reached to my eyes ,from where it removes all the blemishes and troubles.
Ri bansi kaun tap tein kiyo

Listen to ri bansi kaun tap tein kiyo


Ri bansi kaun tap tein kiyo
Rahat giridhar mukh hi lagi
Adharan ko ras piyo
Shyam sundar kamal lochan
Tohi tan man diyo
Sur shri gopal bas bhayen
Jagat mein yash liyo


Oh flute! how did you performed a penance .
you keep in touch with the mouth of Giridhar(lord krishna)and you keep on relishing his lips .
Charming Shyam who has his eyes like lotus
has devoted his body and mind to you .
surdas ji says that shree Gopal has become subjugated to you and in this way you earned fame in this world .

Sabse oonchi prem sagai

listen to sabse uchi prem sagaai

lyrics -

sabse unchi prem sagaai
duryodhana ko meva tyagyo saag vidur ghar khai
sabse unchi...
juthe phal sabri ke khaaye
bahu vidi swada batayi
sabse unchi prem ....
prem ke bas arjun rath hakyo
bhool gaye thakurai
sabse unchi prem ...
aisi preet barhi vrindavana
gopin naach nachaai sabse unchi ....
sur kroor is laayak nahi
kah lag karehu badhai
hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Meaning -

Supreme is the bond of love .
for love ... lord left the high defined food (full of dry fruits)of duryodhana and ate simple food (herbs) at Vidur's home .
The lord ate already tasted food of mata Sabari and said it to be the tastiest .
Under the effect of love drove the chariot of Arjun
he forgot his supremity .
such a love arose in Vrindavan that he danced with the gopis .
Sur das ji says that he is harsh enough to praise the lord .

Jai Radha maadhav
Listen to jai radha maadhava

lyrics -

Jai radha maadhav jai kunj bihari
jai gopi janballabh jai girivar dhari
murli manohar karuna sagar jai govardhan dhari
jai radha maadhav jai kunj bihari ......
yashoda nandan brij jan ranjan
jamuna teer van chari jai radha maadhav ........
murali manohar karuna sagar
jai govardhan dhari jai radha maadhav .......
hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Meaning -

Our acclamation to the lover of godess of fortune(Radha)and to the wanderer of the groves .
Acclamation to the dearest to the "gopi jan" and to the the bearer of the mountain (Govardhan).
He has a captivating form by taking the flute and he is the ocean of grace .
Acclaimation to the Govardhan Mountain bearer .
Son of yashoda ji , the entertainer of the people of Vraj
the wanderer of the banks of Yamuna and the forests .

Hari darshan ki pyasi

listen to Hari darshan ki pyasi

lyrics -

Hari darshan ki pyasi akhiyaan hari darshan ki pyasi
dekhyo chahe kamal nayan ko nis din rahat udaasi
akhiyaan hari darshan ki pyasi
kesar tilak motin ki maala vrindavana ke vaasi
neh lagaai tyag gayen trin sam daal gayen gal phansi
akhiyan hari darshan ki ......
kahoo ke mana ki ko jaanat logan ke man haasi
surdas prabhu tumhare daras bin leho karvat kashi ankhiyaan
hari darshan ki pyasi hari darshan ki........


Gopis after Krishnas departure from Gokul become very sad and at this they say -
our eyes are thirsty for a glance of lord .
they want to see
lotus eyes and so they remain sad each day.
He has a mark of saffron on forehead and who wears the necklace of pearl and who is the resident of Vrindavan,
binding us in the bond of love has left like a straw and it seems that he has fastened us with the rope around our neck .
The Gopis say  who knows the inside of anyone's mind , people just keep on laughing in their mind about one's situation .Surdas ji says that the gopi's are saying that oh lord without your presence Kashi has also become restless ....then what about us ?

Hey govind hey gopal rakho sharan

listen to Hey Govind Hey Gopal by Suman kalyanpur

Hey govind hey gopal
rakho sharan ab to jeevan haaren
neer piyan hetu gaya sindhu ke kinaare
sindhu beech basat grah paav dhari pachhade
charon pahar yuddh bhayo le gayo majhdhaare
naak kaan duban laage krishna ko pukaaren
sur kahe shyam suno sharan hain tumhaare
abki baar paar karo nand ke dulaare


This is a b'ful bhajan expressing the grief of Gajaraj who has been cpatured in the water by the alligator .The gajraj went there to offer prayer to God and at that time this all happened .It is said that he prayed to the lord so intensley by his heart that Lord Vishnu instantly reached there and saved the elephant by beheading the alligator by his "Sudarshan" Chakra .
At that time whatever he narrated all those words are the important part of "Srimad Bhagwat Mahapurana " and this whole instance is collected together as "Gajendra Moksha".

Oh Govind Oh Gopal ,keep me in your shelter as I am loosing my life .
I went to drink the water at  the bank of river .In the river there lies an alligator who has grabbed my legs and thus he is drawing me in the water .
Whole day we had a conflict but he taken me to the edge , now my nose and ears are drowned and are calling only Krishna .
Sur das ji says that the elephant says Oh Shyam please listen to me I am only in your shelter .Oh dearest of Nand ji this time you take me accross this jolt .

Prabhu ji mere avaguna chit na dharo


Prabhu more avagun chit na dharo
samdarshi hai naam tiharo chahe to paar karo

 ek nadiya ek naar kahave mailo neer bharo
jab dou mil ke ek baran bhaye sursari naam paryo

 ek loha pooja mein raakhat ek ghar badhik paryo
paaras gun avagun nahi chitvat Kanchan karat kharo

ek  jeev ek brahma kahave Sur Shyam jhagaro
abki ber mohi paar utaaro nahi pan jaat taryo

Meaning -

O Lord please dont keep any faults in my mind
Your name is equanimous
please take me under your shelter.
There is a river and a gutter that is filled with dirty water .
Both of them when meet together they are known with name of the ocean .
(sense: means men are divided in ill witted and a good witted person .They are compared with the river water and the gutter water.Both types of these are there in this world but where they all finally meet is an ocean that does not differentiate between these two gives space to both of them equally in the same way.Lord you are ocean where these two meet and accquire same colour of nature .)
Surdas ji again says that there is an iron that is used in the holy worships while there is another that lies with a brutal butcher .This is not a dilemma for the "Paras" (a stone that is characterized by turning all ferrous objects to golden ones), it converts all the iron in the form of pure gold.
(sense:you shold also not differentiate between good and bad and should shape everyone in one form that is you .)
He says there is a soul and a supersoul ,Surdas ji fights with the lord ... and says this time you need to take me accross this world I am not able to leave the proud in me so cant cross it by ownself .

Suni ri maine nirbal ke balram

listen to suni ri maine nirbal ke bal ram


suni ri maine nirbal ke balram
pichhali saakh dharun santan ki ade sawaren kaam
jab lag gaja bal aapno bartyo nek saryo tah kaam
nirbal hoi balram pukaro aayen aadhe naam
drupad suta nirbal bhai ta din taj aayen nij dhaam
duhshashan ki bhuja thakit bhai basan roop bhayen shyam
ap-bal tap-bal aur bahu-bal chautha bal hai bal-dam
sur kishor kripa se sab bal haare ko hari naam


Surdas ji says that I have heard that the power of weak is Ram .
If I take an account of the saints in the past He has made all aggravated tasks .
Till the gajraaj used up his strength he wasnt able to do anything but as he got weak and called up Ram ,the Lord reached there so fast that even gajraj had just narrated half of Lord's name .
The day when daughter of Drupad got weak ,He came leaving his abode .He took the form of saaree and the hands of Duhshashan got tired while winding it off .
The power of enchanting , the power of penance and the power of arms and the fourth power is of lord .
Surdas ji says all powers are due to grace of "Kishore" so those who have become loosers should only remember the name of "Hari".

Tum taji aur kaun pe jaaun

lyrics -

Tum taji aur kaun pe jaaun
kaake dware jai sar naaun par hath kahan bikaaun
aiso ko data hai samarathkiske diye aghaaun
rank ayaachi kiyo sudama diye abhaya pada thaau
kamdhenu chintamani dini kalpvriksha taru chhau
bhava samudra ati dekhi bhayanak man mein adhik deraaun
kijiye kripa sumiri apno pan surdas bali jaoon

Meaning -

Where should I go leaving you ? To whose doorstep I should go
and where should sell myself in other's hand .
who is a donor capable like you who whose donation can
satisfy me ?
On demands of beggar Sudama you handed over the fearless
abode , he gave him Kaamdhenu (the cow)and the shade of
"Kalpa" tree thathinking that fulfills all of the wishes.
Seeing the ocean of this physical world very terrific ,I 
fear of it intensely in my mind.
Surdas ji says oh lord ! Please be kind towards me thinking
that I am your's .  
chakra ke dharanhaar

Chakra ke dharanhaar Garun ke aswaar
nand kumar mero sankat niwaro

Yamlaak arjun taryo gaj ke ubaryo
naag naathanhaar mero to sambharo

girivar kar pe dharyo indra garv daryo
vraj ke rakshanhaar deenan vicharo

drupad suta ki ber nikana ki aber
ab kyun aber sur  sevak tiharo


Who is the carrier of the wheel , and Garun is whose vehicle ,that Son of Nand please relieve me from my jeopardy .
You have relieved Yamlaak and Arjun(the two trees in nand jis yard that became tree just by curse ) and you drove out thr gajaraj (from the paw of the alligator),you yoked the Kalia snake please take care of mine also .
You carried the mountain(Govardhan) on your hands .  doing so you saved the people of Vraj and in this way you splintered the ego of Indra .You the saviour of Vraj please think about the poors too.
Surdas ji says at the bad time of daughter of Drupad (Draupadi) you didnt get late ,why you are late in my turn , while I am also a servant of your's.

Sundar badan sukh sadan

popular bhajans by Tulsidas ji---

sri ram chandra kripalu bhajman


sri ram chandra kripalu bhajmana haran bhav bhaya daarunam
navkanj lochan kanj mukh kar kanj pad kanjarunam
kandarp aganit amit chhavi nav neel neeraj sundaram
pat peet manahu tadit ruchi suchi naumi janak sutavaram
bhaju deen bahndhu dinesh daanave daitya vansh nikandanam
raghuvansh anandkand kaushal chand dashrath nandanam
sir mukut kundal tilak charu udaar ang vibhushanam
aajanubhuj sar chaap dhar sangramjit khaldushanam
iti vadti tulsidas shankar shesh muni man ranjanam
mam hridaya kunj nivas kuru kaamadi khal dal ganjanam

Janani main na jiun bin ram


Janani aey janani main na jiyun bin ram
ram lakhan siya van ko gaman kiye pita gayen sur dham
hot bhor hamhu vana jaibe avadh aaye kehi kaam
kapati kutil kubuddi abhagin kaun haryo tero gyan
sur nara muni sab dosh det hain nahi kiyo bhal kaam
tulsidas prabhu aas charan ke bhaye vidhata baam

Ghan ghamand nabh garjat ghora


Ghan ghamand nabh gartjat ghora ,piya heen darpat man mora
Damini damak rahat nabh mahi , khal ke preeti jatha thir nahi
Barasahi jalan bhoomi niyraaye , jatha nabhahin guni vidya paaye
Boond aghat sahayin giri aise , khal ke bachan sant saha jaise
Chhudra nadi bahi chali tyorayi , jas tyoreiun dal khal itrai
Sarita jal jal nidhi mahoon jaayi , hoohin achal jin jeev hari paayi .

Meaning(must read) -

Sri Ram chandra ji says to Laxman ji :

The proudy clouds are roaring in the sky ,my mind is being afraid without my sweetheart(Sita ji).
The lightening is making the clouds bright in the same way as the love for one is not stable for a wicked .
The rainwater is falling down to flow on the land in the same way as the knowledge itself moves towards a skilled person .
The mountains are tolerating the impact of the rainwater drops in the same way as nobel person tolerate the abusing words from the wicked.
The little river after getting the rainwater flows inundating the areas being overwhelming in the same way as the group of the wicked gets overwhelming after getting little.
The streaming riverwaters are falling in the ocean and are getting calm like ocean in the same way as the disturbed soul(atma)or jeev becomes peaceful after mixing in the supersoul(paramatma)or Hari.

Raghuvar tumako meri laaj

Lyrics -

Raghuvar tumko meri laaj
Sada sada main sharan tihari , tum ho garibnivaz .
Patit udharan virad tiharo sravanan suni awaaz
Hou to patit puratan kahiye paar utaro jahaz
Agh khandan dukh bhanjan jan ke , yahi tiharo kaaj
Tulsidas par kirpa kije bhakti daan dehu aaj .

Shree Ram kahen samjhayi


Shree Ram kahe samjhayi
Sun lakhsman pyare bhai

Banwas pita ne dinha
Maine vachan sheesh dhar linha
Sang janak suta sukhdayi

Nahi dosh kaikayi mata
Yeh likhiya lekh vidhata ji
Mere man mana mein shok kachhu nahi

Sukh dukh sab daiva adheena
Nahi koi kisis ka kinha ji
Jag murakh jana bharmayi

Yah karam gati balwana
Bhag binhu yah nahi ji
Brahmanand na man ghabarayi

kahan ke pathik kahan kinho hain gamanva


kahan ke pathik kahan kinho hai gamanva
kaun naam ke gram ke vaasi ke kaaran tum tyajo hai bhuvanava
uttar dishi ek nagari ayodhya raja dashrath nripa jahan hai bhuvanava
unhi ke hum dono kunvarwa maat bachan suni tyajo hai bhuvanava
gram vadhu sab punchhe siya se kaun so priyatama kaun dewarva
siya muskaai boli da mridu bani sanvaro preetam gore deverwa
tulsidas prabhu aas charan ke mero man har leeno jaanki ramanava

Jaake priya na Ram Baidehi

lyrics -

Jaake priya na Raam Baidehi
So chhadiye koti bairi sam , yadyapi param sanehi .
tyajo pita Prahlad ,Vibhishana bandhu bharat Mahtari .
Bali guru tyajo kant brij banitani bhaya mud mangalkari
naate neh raam se maniyat suhrida susebya jahan lon
Anjan kahamn wa aankh jehi phoote bahutak kahau kahan lo
Tulsi so sab bhanti paramhit pujya pran te pyaro
jaase hoya saneha Ram Pada ,aito mato humaro .

Tu dayalu deen hau


tu dayalu deen haun
tu daani haun bhikhari
haun prasidhh pataki
tu paap punj haari

nath tu anath ko anaath kaun moso
mo samaan aarat nahi aartihar to so

brahma tu haun jeev tu hai thakur haun chero
taat maat guru sakha sab bidhi hitu mero

tohi mohi naate anek maaniye jo bhaavai
jyon jyon tulasi kripalu charan sharan aave

Find the b'ful meaning of the song -

Meaning from Vinay Patrika :

You are merciful and I am destitute; You grant wishes and I am the seeker. I am a well-known fallen one and You absolve away the heap of sins. You protect the orphans, and there is no orphan like me [hence, protect me]. There is no pain-absolver like You and I am in immense pain [hence, absolve my pain].||1-2||

You are the Brahman and I am a [destitute] living-being; You are the Preceptor and I am a disciple. You are for my benefit in each way — as father, mother, preceptor, or friend. My relations with You are infinite [since You are present in everything], so assume the one You like. At least, this way, Tulsi will get refuge in Your dual-feet.||3-4||

Popular bhajans by kabirdas ji---

Rehna nahi des birana hai

lyrics --

Rehna nahi des birana hai
rehna nahi sun bhai sadho rehna nahi
yeh sansar kaagaz ki pudiya bund pade ghul jana hai
yeh sansar jhad aur jhakad aag lage bar jana hai
yeh sansar kante ki badi ulajh ulajh mari jana hai
suno bhai sadho ulajh ulajh mari jana hai
kehat kabira suno bhai sadho
sad guru naam thikana hai

Ram niranjan nyara re


Ram Niranjan Nyara Re, Anjan Sakal Pasara Re
Anjan Utapati, Omkar, Anjan Mange Sab Bistar
Anjan Brahma Shankar Indar, Anjan Gopi Sangi Govind Re Anjan
Vani,? Anjan Ved, Anjan Kiya Na Na Bhed
Anjan Vidya Path Puran, Anjan Woh Kat Kat Hi Gyan Re
Anjan Paati Anjan Dev, Anjan Ki Kare Anjan Sev
Anjan Nache Anjan Gawe, Anjan Bhesh Anant Dikhawe
Re Anjan Kahan Kahan Lag Keta, Dan Puni Tap Tirath Jeta
Kahe Kabir Koi Birla Jage, Anjan Chaadhi Anant Hi Dage Re

Meaning -

Kabirdas ji waS VERY INTELLIGENT . He understood the reality of this universe .A better scientific definition of this world can be understood by this column by him .

Ram the flawless one is different and He has scattered anjan (the black powder: here used for maya or illusion )everywhere .
Omkaar (the cosmic background sound) is originated by this contamination (maya)and it has spreaded out everywhere .Even Brahma ,Shankar and Indra and even Govind with the
gopis all are smirched .This black powder (maya)has made the voice and the vadas and it has taken different forms .Learning ,reading , recitation ,the ancient books all are products of this maya .Knowledge cheapened , mouthed for free is also dirty with this illusion .
The leaf in the oblation is illusion , illusion is the God in the shrine .They do eveything in and with this illusion and use it for everything .
This illusion sings and this illusion dances and it shows infinite stretch .It ha its expansion where where and how much that the actions of donation ,virtues,penance ,pilgrimage all come under its limit.Kabir das ji says only few among millions awakens to get accross this illusion targeting the real infinite .

ghat ghat mein panchhi bolta bolta


ghat ghat mein panchhi bolta
ghat ghat mein panchhi bolta
aap hi dandi aaap taraju aap hi baitha tolta
aap hi maali aap bagicha aap hi kaliyan todta
sab mein sab par aap biraaje jad chetan mein dolta

Heerana samajh bujh ke van charana


Heerana samajh bujh van charana
ek bana charana duje ban charana tije ban pag nahi dharana
tije ban mein paanch paradhi unke nazar nahi parana
heerana samajh bujh van charana.....
toi mar tero mas bikave teri khal ka karenge bichona
heerana samajh bujh ke vana charana.....
kahe kabira ji sunao bhai sadho
guru ke charana chit dharana
heerana samajh bujh van charana ....


Kabirdas ji here compares a man with the deer wandering in
the forest of this world .
He says oh deer be careful while grazing the forest .
Graze in one forest , graze in another forest but dont put
your legs in the third one .
In the third forest there are five hunters(five senses), dont
be visible to them .
They will kill you , will sell your meat and will make the
sheet of your skin .
Kabir das ji says oh saint brother keep your mind in the feet
of guru .

popular bhajans by Meerabai ---

Man re parasi hari ke charan by Vani jairam


Man re parasi hari ke charan
Subhag sheetal kamal komal trividh jwala haran .
Jin charan dhruva atal kinhi rakh apni sharan
Jin charan brahmand bhedyo nakh sikha sir dharan
Jin charan prabhu paras linhi kari gautam karan
Jin charan fani naag nathyo Gop leela karan
Jin charan Govardhan dharyo garva madhava haran
Dasi meera lal giridhar agam taaran taran

ali ri mere naina baan padi

lyrics -

ali ri mere naina baana padi
chitta chadhi mere maadhuri murat ur bich aan adi
kab ki thadi pantha niharun apne bhavan khadi
kaise pran piya bin raakhun jeevan mool jadi
meera giridhar haat bikani log kahen bigadi

chale gayen dil ke daamangir


Chalen gayen dil ke damangir
aapana jaye dwarka chayen khari nad ke teer
braj gopin ko prem bisaro aise bhayen be peer
jab sudhi aave pyare daras ki uthat kaleje peer
natwar bhes nayan ratnaare sundar shyaam sareer
vrindavana bansivat tyagyo nirmala jamuna neer
sur shyam sarita uth boli aakhir jaat ahir

Aeri main to prem deewani

listen to aeri main to prem deewni


Aeri main to prem deewani mero dard na jaane koi
na main jaanu aarti bandan na pooja ki reet
hai anjaani daras deewani meri paagal preet
liye ri maine do naino ke deepak liye sanjoya
asha ke phoolon ki mala saanson ke sangeet
inpar phooli chali reejhaane apne man ka meet
liye re maine nain dor mein sapane liye piroye

koi kahiyo prabhu aavan ki


koi kahiyo re prabhu aavan ki aavan ki man bhavan ki
aap na aaye likh nahi bheje bana pari lalchavan ki
yeh dou naina kahyo nahi mane nadiya bahe jaise saavan ki
koi kahiyo re prabhu aavan ki
kahan kara kachu nahi bas mero paankh nahi ud jaavan ki
meera kahe prabhu kabre miloge cheri bhayi hun tere naaman ki

hari tum haro jan ki peer
lyrics of sakhi mharo kanho lo kalege ki kor

Hari tum haro jan ki peer by jagjeet singh


hari tum haro jan ki peer
draupadi ki laaj rakhi tum badhayo cheer
bhakta karan roop narhari dharyo aap sareer
doobte gajraaj rakhyo kiyo baahar neer
daasi meera lal dukh tah jaha peer (hare krishna hare krishna krishna hare hare-2 hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare-2)

Mhare Ghar aao pritam pyara


Mhare ghar aao pritam pyara

Tan man dhan sab bhent dharungi
Bhajan karungi tumhara
Tum gunwant susahib kahiye
Mome avagun sara

Main niguni kachu gun nahi jaano
Tum so bhagtan haara
Meera kahe prabhu kabre miloge
Tum bin nain dukhara

Main bagiyan se phool ko chun ke


Main bagiyan se phool ko chun ke
Prabhu ke charan chadhaungi
Ab hari ke gun bas gaaungi

Bhor ki bela hari pad gaa ke
Unko nitya jagaungi
Saat suron ki maal gul ke
Kanth unhe pahinaungi
bhajan suna ke apne hari ka
Sundar roop niharungi
Ab hari ke gun bas gaungi
Main bagiyan se...

Woh hi sakha hain pritam mere
Nath sakal sansaar ke
kanth mein woh hain rom rom hari
Deeno ke oh pran mein
thakur ji ko bhog laga ke
pankha unhe jhelaungi
ab hari gun bas gaaungi
Main bagiyan se...

Hari charan hai charo teerath
Charnan sheesh jhukaungi
HAri naam mein sara sukh hai
unse neh lagaungi
shradha bhakti prem se prabhu mein
Darshan unka paaungi
Ab hari ke gun bas gaaungi
Main bagiyan se ...

Sakhi mharo kanho lo kalege ki kor

Jago Bansiwale lalana


Jago bansi wale lalana jago mere pyare... lalana

Rajni biti bhor bhayo
ghar ghar khule kiwad
Gopi dahi mathat phirat hain sab
Kangana ke jhnakar

Utho laal ji bhor bhayo hai
Sur nar thade dware
Gwal bal sab karat kolahal
Jai jai sabad uchare

Maakhan roti haanth mein linhi
Gaouwan ke rakhware
Meera ke prabhu giridhar naage
Tarnayak udhaare

Theto palak ugadho deenanath

Patiya main kaise likhoon (amazing thoughts of creation by meerabai)

Jogiya tu kab re milego aayi

Udho karman ki gati nyari


Udho karman ki gati nyari
Nirmal neer diya sarita ko sagar kar di khari
Ujla rang diya bagule koyal kar di kari
Murakh murakh raja hove pandit phirat bhikari

misellenious bhajans-

Hey govind hey gopal hey dayaalu nath

lyrics of Hey Govind hey gopal Hey dayalu nath -

Vanccha Kalpa taru bhayascha Kripa Sindhubhyevacha
Patitanaam pavanebhyo vaishnebhayo namo namah
Hey Krishna Karuna Sindu Deen Bandu Jagatpate
Gopesha Gopikakant Radhakant namostute
Hari naam Hari naam Hari naam Kevalam
Kalau naste naste naste gatiranatha

Hey govind Hey Gopal Hey dayalu nath
Pran nath anath sakhe deen dard niwar
Hey samrath agmaya puran moh maya dhar
Andh koop mahabhayanak Nanak paar utar

Bhajans sung by hari om sharan ji-

le le tera naam hari


le le tera naam hari jeevan bita jaaye
sukh de chahe dukh de chahe sabko gale
dor hai tere haath mein bhagwan tu sab karne wala
tu jo chahe ho ga wohi kya hai jor humara
hum hain tere khilone chahe jahan nachaye
chahe rank bana de humko bhiksha ko tarsa de
raajmahal singhasana de de angin sukh barsa de
tere diye roop pehan kar apna dharam nibhaaye
man mein bhaav jage seva ka nirmal karam ho mera
prem preeti se is jeevan ka beete sham savera
sharan tihari ho ke jag mein jeevan sukhi bannaye

Sai teri yaad maha sukhdai

listen to Jai Durge durgati pariharini by pt B S Joshi


Jai Durge durgati pariharini
Shumbh vidarini maat bhawani
Aadi shakti parbrahma swaroopini
Jagadjanani cahuveda bhakhani
Brahma Shiv Hari archana kinho
Dhyan dharat sur nar muni gyani
Astabhuja Kar khadda viraje
shingh sawaar sakal vardani
Bhrahmanand sharan mein aayo
Bhav bhaya nash karo maharani

Krishna murari ji bhajan sung by Jagjeet Singh

Listen to Krishna Murari ji

lyrics of Krishna Murari ji aankh base man bhaven -

krishna murari ji aankh base man bhaven
banke bihari ji aankh base man bhaven
pili kamabliiya mor mukut ghanshyam gagan ke rang sajayen
shanjh naddi ke shyam sanwara din bhar nand ki dhenu charave
tan man vaari ji ankh base man bhaven
main to haari ji ankh base man bhaven
neend udiye jag ke karaj kar te sonchu shayam ki sonchu
rasiya jogi tana bajaave murli bol hiyye tat pahunchu
raas bihari ji aankh base man bhave
shobha nyari ji aankh base man bhave
tan man pran hawale tere tujhme rame ramayeh palchhin
maadhava madan gobardhan dhari daras mein tere bhiige nisdin
krishna kumari ji aankh base man bhaven
sudh budh haari ji aankh base man bhaven
hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Sahab teri dekho sajariya ho by shruti sadolikar


Sahab teri dekho sajariya ho
Lal mahal ki lal kangoora
Laalani lagi kewadiya ho
Lal palang ki lal bichhona
Laalni lagi jhalariya ho
Lal sahab ki laalani murat
Lali lali anuhariya ho
Dharamdas binawe kar jode
Guru ke sharan balihariya

Darshan do ghanshyam nath


Darshan do ghanshyam nath mori ankhiyan pyasi re
Man mandir ki jyot jaga do ghat ghat vasi re
Mandir mandir murat teri phir bhi na dikhe surat teri
yug beete na aayi milan ki puranmasi re
Dwar daya ka jab tu khole pancham sur mein gunga bole
Andha dekhe langada chal kar pahuche kashi re
Paani pi kar pyas bujhaun nainan ko kaise samjhaun
Aankh micholi chhodo abto man ke vasi re

Gopal Gokul ballabhi (b'ful creation of Tulsidas ji sung by Jagjeet singh from the album Radhe Krishna Radhe Shyam)


Gopal Gokul Ballabhi priya gop gosut vallabham
Charnarvind aham bhaje bhajneeya sur muni durlabham

Ghanshyam kaam anek chhavi lokabhiram manoharam
Kinjalk vasan kishore murati bhuri guna karunakaram

Sir keki paksha vilol kundal arun vanaruh lochanam
Gunjamatans vichitra sab ang darun bhava bhaya mochanam

Kach kutil sundar tilak bhuraka mayank samananam
apaharan tulsidas tras vihar vrindakananam

Jai maadhava madan murari

Lyrics -

Jai maadhava madan murari
Sundar kundal nian vishala
Gale sohe vaijanti mala
Ya chhavi ki balihari
Kabahu loot loot dadhi khayo
Kabhoo madhuban raas rachayo
Naachat bipin bihari
Karuna kar draupadi pukari
Pat mein lipat gayen banvari
Nirakh rahe nar nari

Bhajhoo re man(b'ful bhajan by Jagjeet singh ji)

Meaning of this song -

O mind just worship the lotus feet of the son of Nanda, which make one fearless. Having obtained this rare human birth, cross over this ocean of worldly existence through the association of saintly persons.

Both in the day and at night I remain sleepless, suffering the pains of the heat and cold, the wind and the rain. For a fraction of flickering happiness I have uselessly served wicked and miserly men.

It is the desire and great longing of Govinda Dasa to engage himself in the nine processes of bhakti, namely hearing the glories of Lord Hari and chanting those glories, constantly remembering Him and offering prayers to Him, serving the Lord's lotus feet, serving the Supreme Lord as a servant, worshiping Him with flowers and incense and so forth, serving Him as a friend, and completely offering the Lord one's very self.

Lyrics -

Bhajahoon re man sri nand nandan abhaya charan arvind hey
Durlabh manav janam satsange tar jaave bhav sindh re
Sheet Aatap Vatavariyat , ae din aavanijaani re
Biphale sevenu kripan durjan chapal sab sukh lagi re...
Sravan Kirtan Smaran Vandan Paadsevan Dasya re
Poojan Sakhijan Atmanivedan , Govind Das abhilashi re...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare .

Murali manohar Gopala


Murali manohar Gopala
Govind radhe gopala
Jai shree Radha Jai Hari Krishna
Jai Gobardhan Gopala
Jai Giridhari kunj Bihari
Shyam Murari Gopala
Gopi ballabh deen dayala
Devaki nandan Gopala

Tum dhundho mujhe Gopal by Jagjeet Singh


Tum dhundho mujhe Gopal main
Khoyi gaiyya teri
Sud lo meri Gopal main
Khoyi gaiyya teri

Paanch vikar se hanki jaaye
Paanch tatva ki deve ghee
Barbas bhatki door kahin main
Chain na paaun ab kehi
Ye kaisa mayajaal main
Ulajhi gaiyya teri
Sud lo meri Gopal main
Uljhi gaiyya teri

Jamuna tat na nandan vat na
Gopi gwal koi dikhe
Kusum lata na teri chhata na
Paanchh pakheru koi dikhe
Ab saanjh bhayi Ghanshyam main
Vyakul gaiyya teri
Sud lo meri Gopal main
Vyakul gaiyya teri

Kit paaun taruvar ki chhaaon
Jit saje Krishna Kanhaiya
Man ka taap shaat bhatkan ka
Tum hi haro hari raas rachaiya
Ab mook niharun baant prabhu ji
Main gaiyya teri
Sud lo meri gopal main
Khoyi gaiyya teri

Bansi ke swar naad se tero
Madhur taan se mujhe pukaro
Radha Krishna Govind hari har
Murali Manohar naam tiharo
Mujhe ubaaro hey Gopol main
Khoyi gaiyya teri
Sud lo meri Gopal main
Khoyi gaiyya teri

Krishna Pranatpal prabhu by Jagjeet Singh


Krishna pranatpal prabhu
Hamari sudh lijo
Bheer padi peer haro
Ab ubaar lijo

Mor mukut murali adhar
Maadhava man har chhavi
Krishna Vasudev Hari
Saras daras dijo

Bhava saagar mein leen pran
Lehar lehar dole
Hari bina na paar lage
Bhaya haro sukh dijo

Banke bihari krishna murari


Banke bihari krishna murari
Meri bari kahan chupe
Darshan dijo sharan mein lijo
Hum balihari kahan chupe
Aankh mecholi hume na bhaye
Jag maaya ke jal bichhaye
Ras racha kar bansi baja ke
Dhenu chara kar preet jaga kar
Natwar naagar nishthur chhaliya
Leela nyari kahan chupe
Sharan mein aatap tum avinashi
Jal thal gagan ravi ghat basi
Yog suna kar rath ko chala kar
Kahan kho gaye humko lubha kar
Govind govind meera gayi
Ganika tari kahan chhupe


Prabhu ji mere avaguna chita na dharo
Samdarshi prabhu naam tiharo apne panahi gaho
Ek loha puja mein raakhat ek ghar badhik paryo
Ye duvidha paras nahi jaanat kanchan karat kharyo
Ek nadiya ek naar kahave mailo neer bahyo
Duhu mil kari jab ek baran bhaye sursari naam paryo
Ek jeev ek brahma kahave sur shyam jhagaro
Abki baar mohi paar utaro nahi pan jaat taryo

Aao Manmohana aao nandnandana (b'ful miraculous bhakti song)

Listen to aao manmohana

Lyrics -

aao manmohana aao nandnandana
gopiyon ke pran dhan radha ji ke ramna

laalni ek vinaya suniye ab meri gali mein aaiye na
aaiye to karuna kar ke haster sunaiye gaaiye naath
gaaiye to adharon dhar ke murali yeh mand bajaiye na
sarsaiye na ur prem vyatha puni aaiye to phir jaaiye na

kajrari teri aankhon mein kya bhara hua kuchh tona
tera to asar auron ka maran bas jaan haath se dhona
kya khubi husna bayan karun tu sundar shyam salona hai
lalit kishori pran dhan jeevan tu braj ka ek khilona hai

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Find some bhajan releases -

Bhaktiras by Preeti Sagar (heart touching bhajans)

Album consists of songs->

1.Mujhko do vardan ramji
2.Bhgwaan mujhe bhi apna lo
3.Miloon kaise tumse bhagwaan
4.Ishwar allah wahe guru
5.Ram naam ki odhu chadariya
6.Shyam tumhara dham chod kar
7.Manwa chal jamuna ki ore
8.Shyam teri bansi bhayi bairaniya

Pradeep Bhajans

Album consists of songs->

1.Pinjre Ke Panchhi Re Tera Dard Na Jane Koi
2. Koi Laakh Kare Chaturai
3. Toot Gai Hai Mala Moti Bikhar Gaye
4. Mukhda Dekh Le Prani
5. Kabhi Dhoop To Kabhi Chhaon
6. Dekh Tere Sansar Ki Haalat Kya Ho Gayi Bhagwan
7. Jai Santoshi Maa
8. Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan
9. Bachane Wala Hai Bhagwan
10. Aaj Ke Is Insan Ko
11. Aao Bachchon Tumhein Dikhayen
12. Doosron Ka Dukhra Door Karne Wale
13. Humne Jag Ki Ajab Tasveer Dekhi

 Shyam Dhuni (Janmashtami special)

Album consists of songs->

1.Radhe Krishna Bhaj Le
2.Govind Jai Jai Gopal Jai Jai
3.Jai Radhey Jai Radhey
4.Krishna Kanahiya Jai Gopala
5.Radhey Radhey Govind Radhey
6.Hari Bol Hari Bol

Raat shyam sapne mein aayen (Janmashtami special)

Album consists of songs->

1.Raat shyam sapne mein aayen
2.Natwar nagar nanda
3.Meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar
4.Shyam teri bansi baje dheere
5.Teri ban jayegi
6.Braj bhumi mein ek samay
7.Apne hari ko hum dhundh
8.Jamuna mein kude shyam

 Bhajan Sandhya by Anup jalota

Album consists of songs->

Thumak Chalat Ram Chandra
Sita Ke Ram Radha Ke Shyam
Wo Kala Ek Basari Wala
Hare Krishna Krishna
Sakhi Baaje Pag Paijaniya
Radha Ke Bina Shyam Aadha
Man Mein Base Hai Do Hi Naam
Ram Ramaiya Gaye Ja
Radha Aisi Bhai Shyam
Jinke Hrurde Hari Naam Base
Govind Jai Jai
Bharat Bhai Kapi Se
Tan Ke Tamboore Mein
Ramcharan Sukhdai
Chadaryan Jhini Jhini Re
Maine Linho Govind
Janam Tera
Rang De Chunaryan
Mati Kahe Kumhar Se
Shree Ram Chandra
Itna To Karna Swami
Surdasji Ka Ek Tara
Hari Naam Ka Pyala
Jag Mein Hai Sundar Do Naam
Makhan Mein Maa
Prabhu Ji Tum Chandan Hum Paani
Main Nahin Makhan Khayo
Aisi Laagi Lagan

Raasrang by Bhimsen joshi

Album consists of songs->

Hari Ka Bhed Na Payo
Jaadu Bhareli
Jamuna Ke Teer
Jo Bhaj Hari Ko Sada
Kripa Sarovar
Piya Milan Ki Aas
Sumati Sita Ram
Piya To Manat Naahi

Bhajan chalta rahe by sharma bandhu"bhajans with special feelings"

Album consists of songs->

Naam Ram ji ka anmol khajana
Bolo bolo aankhen kholo
Sun sun sun mere sathi
jaise prabhat se zarne
Is bhavsagar
Rah ke chal diyen
Ram sanware sabke kaam
Bhajan chalta rahe

Saadhana by Lata mangeshkar

Album consists of songs->

Jyoti Kalash Chalke
Tumhi ho Maata, Pitah Tumhi Ho
Om Jai Jagdish Hare
Viashnavjan To Tene Kahiye Je
Jai Hari Gobind Jai Hari Gopal
Mose Mera Shyam Rutha
Ram Hai Mahan Ramnam Hai Mahan
Hari Aao Hari Aao
Tum Asha Vishwas Humare
Shree Ramchandra Kripalu Bhaju Man
Honi To Hoke Rahe Anhoni Na Hoye
Gyan Ka Daan Hi Subse Bada Hai
Thumak Chalat Ramchandra
Hrdai Mein Jinke Saare Theerth
Ramcharit Manas
Jai Ram Rama Ramanam
Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan

Shraddha by Hussain brothers

Album consists of songs->

Sharde jai hans vahini
Moe shyam ghan shyam
Gaaiye Ganapati jagvandan
Jai jai Jagjanani devi
Kanha teri jovat reh gayi baant
Tum bin mori kaun khabar le
Bhal chandra
Thumak chalat Ram chandra
Mhare ghar aao


Listen to Darshan do Ghanshyam nath

listen to sai teri yaad


Sai teri yaad maha sukhdai
Ek tuhi rakhwala jag mein,tuhi sada sahai .
Tujhko bhula jag dukhiyara , sumiran bin man mein andhiyara
Hoon charnan sharanaai ..
Sanchi preet tihari data , tere bin sab jhuta nata
Tune kripa barasai …

Jai Durge durgati pariharini