Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creations of Kabirdas ji


Kabir Das ji bhajans

(One can find rarest lyrics of bhajans by Kabirdas ji here on my blog .This blog supportive for all bhajan lovers who are in search of the essence of devotion in devotional songs .)


A weaver  turned  a philosopher in Devotion that made him to know the ultimate goal of life and he finally became such a devoted man to God that it is a general saying by the people that after his death Hindus and Muslims were clashing together to take away his dead body but none of them got anything rather his body changed in a bunch of flowers ..He was no one else except Sant Kabirdas ji .He was  the  admirer of  Nirguna Brahma and we can see his so many creations where he speaks about the God in the form of truth and the ultimate power that rules over this universe without any boundations appearance religion nature etc .These thoughts have some similarities with the sufi songs as they are also reffering to the same form of God . 

Kabirdas ji's famous doha -

Kasturi kundal base mrig dhundhe ban mahi 

Aise ghati ghati Ram hai Duniya dekhe nahi 

It says that : The musk lies in the naval of the deer but since it is not known to the deer that where is the musk lying it just runs after its fragrance to search the source, the deer searches the musk in the forests .In the same way in each heart  dwells God but the world cannot see .

So we should see the God in our hearts and should follow all His voice .

He also gave so much importance of Guru in life .The guru was the only allocator of a right path that takes you closer to God .And so his main emphasis was to keep yourself in shelter of Guru to avoid any type of misguidance from any thing in this world .We can see that how much he thought that true teacher "SadGuru" is important in one's life .

Guru Gobind dou khade Kakae lagun paaye

Balihari Guru aapno jo Gobind diyo bataye

Means : Teacher and God both are standing ,whom I should give respect first by thouching his feet .the Kabirdas ji decided to touch the feet of Teacher first he says that I am so much obliged to you "Guru" that  you have let me know the God "Gobind" .

I have studied these dohe in my high school Hindi books and still I remember how much they have affected me .Not only this, all of my writings are affected by those time memories .I had  sanskrit books also where there so many good things .I would like to make everyone feel like that as I used to feel after reading them .Behind all this was my father who is my true Teacher and will be forever .Lots of things I have learnt from him .I am sure everyone would like those .

Enjoy our innate culture !

Enjoy his creations .

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  2. Very informative site.

    I wish, though, that the words of many of the more intricate and complicated bhajans had been included as well.

    I was particularly interested in the words of 'Avadhu so jogi guru mera' and would really appreciate it if you could include it here.

    Thank you very much.