Friday, May 24, 2013

Creations of Meerabai 

Meera bai was one of the saints at the time of Akbar . She belonged to a rajpoot family of Rajsthan but she was a Krishna lover since childhood so never followed the rituals to live a life of queen . She had been always discarded by the society just because of her neutral behaviour towards all individuals in the society .But finally people realized that she has reached upto such a position that is beyond the reach of these physical eyes .

One of the most famous story that I have heard about her is something like this :
Once she went to the saint Raidas to make him her Teacher . When Raidas met her he said "Meera , you are a queen and you can not stay here because it is not according to our customs .Women should not stay in a " Gurukul " because it is only a place for the men ". She asked who is the man here ? Everyone was surprized to hear this .Then Raidas asked her so what these people around you are ..? she innocently said that they are all like me . They all have lord sitting inside them as I do .Then what is differecne between me and all .The only man I know in this universe is my Lord . At this Raidas was surprized to see her pure soul and said that I accept you as my deciple . You are free to come here whenever you want .

How this lady saint felt and produced by the feelings of her heart for her Lord "whom she supposed to be her's only husband since childhood " we can see in her creations .... those precious songs that she used to play on ektara wandering here and there .

Here are some of her nice creations that I am going to add with lyrics so that people may easily understand the exact sense and meaning of the bhajan .

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna , Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
Hare Rama Hare Rama , Rama Rama Hare Hare 

I have classified the bhajans on the basis of its starting alphabet for your convenience .

Please find them ..

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