Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brightest blind eyes where Krishna resides:  "Bhakt Surdas " Creations .

Charan Kamal bando hari rai
Jaki kripa pangu giri langhey Andhare ko sab kachhu darsai
Bahiro sune mook puni bole Rank chale sir chhatra dharai
Surdas swami karunamaya Barambar namo sir naayi

Surdas ji .....a legend of medeivial India , a contemporary of Tulsidas , Meerabai , Raidas , Raskhan , was a Krishna Lover who was so much impressed with "Krishna Baal leela" .Almost his all creations illustrate the Childhood events in sri Krishna's life .He was blind but was happy with his blindness .He refused to have eyes saying that if by having eyes he has to see this ugly world which is made up of sorrow , calamities , death etc it would be much better to be blind where atleast he can see the Lord sitting inside his eyes . It is so strange that he couldnt see but just by hearing his Lord's actions he has written so many extremely beautiful songs in his appraisal .It is not an exaggration to say that he spoke by eyes of mind that was energized and enlightened by Krishna's devotion .See the following Picture made by an artist who shows how little Krishna used to entertain his devotee .

Let us start unravelling his compact creation with his one of the best columns.

Ab ki rakh lehu bhagwaan
Hau anath baitho drum dariya Paradhi sadhe baan
Take dar se bhagyo chahat Upar dhakyo hai sachan
Duhu bhanti dukh bhayo aani hai kaun ubare pran

Sumirat hi ahi dasyo paradhi kar chhutyo sandhan

Surdas gun kah lag barno Laagyo teer sachan 

jai jai kripa nidhan

Here Surdas ji says-

Oh God !Save me this time .

I,an orphan bird,is sitting on the branch of a tree and a hunter has pointed me on his arrowhead .Panicked of this I want to flew away but a kite is sitting on the treetop .From both the sides I am in trouble, who will save me ?Just remembering the lord a snake bites the hunter, the bow is released from his hands and the arrow hits the kite .Surdas ji felicitates this saying "jai jai kripanidhan(treasure of mercy and grace )"

Listen to his heart touching compositions by selecting the  starting alphabet of the song .

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